Insurance is one of those things that no one wants to talk about, but everyone knows is a necessity. We are able to do a full insurance need analysis based on your individual needs, considering both your risks and needs, in helping you to adequately protect you and your family.

At McIlrath|Eck, we will offer you suggestions for your insurance needs especially as it relates to your estate plan.  Some insurance coverages you might want to consider are disability insurance for individualslong term care health insurance and whole or term life insurance. For auto and/or homeowners insurance, we have insurance professionals that we’ve partnered with to ensure the very best in cost and quality for our clients.

Many types of insurance are offered through your work under a group plan. It typically makes sense for you to price out your own individual policies. First, they are often less expensive than the group policies in the long run, and second, you can’t take the group insurance with you when you leave your job. In many cases nurses willingly pay premiums for additional group insurance, yet they don’t really understand what they are paying for. What’s more, they don’t pay close attention to the ongoing payment when it’s automatically deducted each month. In short, they are not clear on how much they are paying for coverage.


Disability Insurance

Disability insurance replaces a portion of your income if you become disabled and can no longer work. If you are covered by a group plan by your employer, it will probably replace 60% of your income. If you have an individual policy or a supplemental policy it can cover up to 70-80% of your salary. McIlrath | Eck offers disability insurance for individuals if needed.

Long Term Care health insurance (LTC) can be complicated, and often expensive. Of course, it’s not as expensive as paying for long term care out of your pocket. The younger you are, the less expensive your premiums will be. At McIlrath & Eck, we offer you — our valued client, a long term care insurance plan;  A long term care insurance policy is most appropriate if you are in your fifties or early sixties.

Life Insurance

For many people, the most appropriate life insurance solution is some combination of term and permanent life insurance. Term life insurance will cover your family’s needs. This is a very practical decision. A whole life policy will build cash value over your lifetime, which you can access if you need to, and will allow you to transfer some of your wealth tax free to your heirs.

This can be an emotional decision based on the fact that you love your family and you naturally do not want to think about not being around for them. But by acquiring life insurance tailored to your needs you are making sure that if you unexpectedly die they will have no financial struggles because you planned ahead and looked out for their long-term welfare. At McIlrath & Eck, our expert and personable financial advisors can help you do just that!

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