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Would you like to have a non-biased, objective personal financial education program at your company or association? Would you like to know more about strategies utilizing your existing company benefits for more employee participation in an educational setting? We deliver no-cost, no-obligation comprehensive personal financial classes that include financial planning topics such as cash flow management, tax planning, estate planning, risk management and asset management. We offer these classes modified to your company or association’s specific needs. These onsite workshops help you gain a better understanding of the actions you can take and the strategies you can implement to improve your personal financial situation without leaving the office.

It is important for any company or association to provide formal financial education. Why? Well, in today’s fast-paced media information environment with wide access to the Internet, magazines on every corner and even radio and TV with their 24-hour news cycles, information flows so freely and frequently that many of us simply tune out as we become overloaded and overwhelmed. Receiving education from qualified advisors and instructors helps you distill information so you can make sound financial decisions based on facts that you could benefit from the rest of your life.

As all our onsite workshops are modified to the specific wants and needs of your organization, please contact Thor McIlrath to find out more about our custom educational classes and workshops for your company or association’s needs.

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