Unyielding Integrity, Independence & Objectivity

Since we are an independent investment advisory firm, we are committed to objectivity. We have no proprietary financial products or house brands. This allows us to avoid the conflict and bias that can exist when an advisor is bound to specific products or compensated preferentially for recommending certain investment or insurance vehicles over others.

What does this mean for you? It means that you can be assured the highly trained financial advisors at McIlrath|Eck are looking out for your best interests. At McIlrath|Eck financial planners, our commitment to this level of client-centered advice is enduring and unwavering.

  • We commit to serve you according to a fiduciary standard of care.
  • We receive only fee-based compensation – not commissions or incentives for product sales.
  • We are accountable only to you and provide you with independent, objective advice and personal service.
  • Our clients benefit from our team approach.
  • We forge a true partnership with our clients based on trust, honesty, integrity, and understanding.
  • Our success is measured by the realization of your goals.

Your Interests Come First

Thor McIlrath and Sam Eck are independent retirement and estate planners whose advice is untainted by sales considerations. As fee-only advisors, we have a fiduciary obligation to put your welfare first and to fully disclose our compensation and any potential conflicts of interest. We offer a disciplined, objective approach to managing your assets to ensure you receive advice that is personal and relevant. This straightforward, direct approach, we believe, serves our clients best when it comes to fostering confidence and trust as we help them plan for a rewarding retirement.

Thor and Sam have seen and solved many types of retirement and estate planning issues for people just like you. Through our educational classes and client relationships, we replace confusion and complexity with clarity and simplicity. You can depend on us to evaluate your financial goals and lifestyle needs, explore your options, and take into consideration your best interests.

A Higher Standard of Care

We choose to work in a fiduciary capacity. As fiduciaries, we put your interests first. As a general rule, we work on a fee-only basis. However, there are occasions where the best planning solution requires a financial product which pays us a commission. We do not receive referral fees, or any other compensation, from other parties based upon referring you to other professionals. Instead, we measure our success by your success in reaching your financial and personal goals!  At McIlrath|Eck, we help you do that by offering expertise and advice while respecting your need for discretion and confidentiality.

Well Informed Guidance

We have a passion for giving our clients the tools to achieve their vision of a great life and a rewarding retirement. With that in mind, we know that effective, transparent communication is critical to a successful relationship as we create a workable retirement plan together.

We talk ‘with you’ not ‘at you‘ in plain English so when you leave our office you feel confident and encouraged about what we talked about. This straightforward communication enables you to make the important decisions about your finances that lead to the retirement you’ve always dreamed of.

The Importance of Financial Education Today

“Today’s financial world is highly complex as compared with that of a generation ago. Twenty-five years ago, knowing how to maintain a checking and savings account at a local financial institution was sufficient for many Americans. Today’s consumers, however, must be able to differentiate among a wide range of products, services, and providers of financial products in order to manage their personal finances successfully.”

Alan Greenspan
Trends in Consumer Finances

Your Financial Education

At McIlrath & Eck, we understand that no one cares about your money as much as you do. That is a fact. There are no shortage of people and financial products in conflict with your best interest. If you want to protect, manage and control your assets, financial education can provide a solid basis for thoughtful, intelligent and wise decisions.

We are living longer in retirement and confronted with the dual challenge of managing and preserving our finances while creating sufficient income for the rest of our non-working years. So a solvent, comfortable retirement is something we must all plan for and be realistic about. At McIlrath|Eck, it is our responsibility to deliver to you–our client — the financial education necessary that enables you to serve as a smart steward of your hard-earned assets.

This site is dedicated to providing you with resources that you can use to educate yourself with facts and research as you learn best financial management practices from academics and industry professionals. Our goal is to help you make prudent financial decisions that will serve your long-term best interests.

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”  ~Aristotle

McIlrath|Eck is dedicated to helping you achieve financial independence by developing a comprehensive financial relationship and ensuring your retirement plan works in concert with all pieces of your financial strategy.

We have helped many people from all walks of life make important financial decisions for themselves and their families. At McIlrath|Eck LLC we empower you to safely navigate today’s retirement and legacy planning path. As fee-only advisors, we work with you to identify your financial goals and implement a strategy to achieve your plan for a comfortable and rewarding retirement.

So, how are we truly different than other firms offering investment, retirement, and legacy planning advice? At McIlrath|Eck, we understand that entrusting a firm with your financial affairs is an extremely important and very personal decision. It is a decision that will impact you and your family for a lifetime and possibly for generations. We take our responsibility to you seriously and treat it with the utmost respect, taking great pride in our role as stewards of your assets and objectives. Meet the McIlrath|Eck team and see how our professional expertise and personal experiences can directly benefit your path toward retirement.

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