With a high-level of professionalism, expertise and hospitality, McIlrath|Eck is committed to empowering our clients to achieve and maintain financial security during their retirement. To accomplish this our financial planners apply a tailored and structured investment strategy to a diversified portfolio exclusively geared toward individuals and couples 50 to 75 years old. McIlrath|Eck has a demonstrated investment strategy which consistently produces competitive results. Don’t settle for low returns in order to feel comfortable with your investments. It’s your money and your retirement. At McIlrath|Eck, we believe you should be at the head of the table as you look forward to the retirement that you deserve and worked so hard to prepare for.

Our highly trained financial planners at McIlrath|Eck take into consideration life’s milestone events that include kids coming back to live at home, caring for aging parents, and evaluating early retirement offers. We then craft a customized retirement plan that is aligned with your goals, priorities, and values. Your retirement plan is guided by realistic expectations — all designed to help you focus your family legacy. It’s a very personal and practical approach to retirement planning! At McIlrath|Eck, we give you the tools to make sound decisions now so you can enjoy a prosperous retirement later.


A tailored, personalized financial plan allows you to answer three very important questions:

  • What are my priorities and objectives for retirement?
  • Can I realistically achieve my financial goals and enjoy the life I want in my later years?
  • Am I overlooking anything important?

Your financial plan offers you the opportunity to accurately assess the income you will need for your retirement and figure out the amount of assets needed to generate that level of income. We use a holistic approach to financial planning which means  our financial advisors examine all facets of your finances —  your retirement,  your investments, as well as taxes, insurance, and estate planning.  This allows us to create a personalized financial plan designed to meet your unique needs and specific goals.  It is all about aligning your plans with your dreams!

Setting your financial goals in a straight-forward, thorough and objective manner not only gives you peace of mind, it also provides you with clarity.  With clarity comes direction.  With direction comes motivation.  And with clarity, direction and motivation, your chances of success increase greatly. Let McIlrath|Eck be your partner in paving your path toward a rewarding retirement that you can look forward to!


McIlrath|Eck offers the expertise that enables you to develop and maintain a well-planned retirement strategy that is customized to your particular lifestyle and unique interests. Our highly trained, fee-only advisors bring the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure your money is protected and invested wisely.

We are held accountable for the performance of the accounts we manage for you. At McIlrath|Eck, we measure our success by ensuring that you experience success —  as we help you achieve your goals that lead to your ideal retirement. With the proper tools in place and with easy access to your financial advisors, your retirement plan is designed for success.

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