Our highly trained financial advisors keep the retirement planning process simple so it makes sense to you.  That is why, at McIlrath|Eck, we talk with you in a down-to-earth way and give you the knowledge that enables you to make smart, informed choices that lead to a retirement worthy of your dreams. It’s about empowerment, not lecturing.  Afterall, it’s your retirement so you should be the one leading the retirement planning process.

Our team of financial planning experts create retirement solutions that represent your values and your priorities, because they are committed to improving your quality of life on your terms. We are also dedicated to helping you preserve and protect your hard-earned money! At McIlrath|Eck, we understand how much your money and assets mean to you so we are determined to put together a financial plan that converts today’s earnings into tomorrow’s security!

At McIlrath|Eck, we have assembled a dedicated, detail-oriented staff that gives you a superior client service experience. Always accessible and enjoyable to work with, our advisors are retirement and estate planning specialists who listen to you and learn about your unique needs and long-term goals. We combine sound financial principles with an understanding of human nature to create financial plans that guide you to a comfortable and rewarding retirement.


The Importance of Retirement Planning

Financial planning is all about you having security and piece of mind. By carefully and comprehensively planning for your financial future, you can help to protect yourself, your family, and your estate against both foreseen and unforeseen events. That way, you feel good about the financial legacy you are leaving to your kids and grand kids. Knowing that you have a solid financial plan to lead you into the future means that you have one less thing to worry about when scary, stressful and unexpected events occur such as medical emergencies or job losses.  Sound financial planning promotes confidence and calm during these uncertain times!

Besides protecting the people, places, and things in your life, planning for your financial future also protects your goals. Having your finances in order is just one way that you can move toward your ideal retirement lifestyle. Maybe your goal is going back to school, purchasing the home of your dreams, living closer to your children or grandchildren, or starting your own business.  The desire for an active and meaningful retirement should be the driving force that guides your financial planning.

Many people now feel less confident that they will be able to rely merely on pensions or social security checks after they retire. Most goals take more planning than just building and maintaining a savings account along with good intentions. Financial planning involves long term strategic management and a multi-faceted approach to adequately save for your non-working years.   Long term strategic management is especially important in this era of long-term care expenses and longer life spans that give us more options during our retirement years!

Estimating How Much Retirement Savings You Need

The old rule-of-thumb says that middle-income households usually need to replace 70% to 75% of their current living expenses in retirement to maintain their pre-retirement standard of living. But the one big wildcard is growing health care costs. As such, a better rule-of-thumb is to estimate how much you’ll need to withdraw from savings during your first year of retirement (adjusted for inflation) and multiply that amount by 25 to determine your target number. For example, if you want to withdraw $40,000 from savings in your first year of retirement, you’ll need to have saved $1 million.  Also, keep in mind the type of lifestyle you wish to enjoy during retirement.  Don’t underestimate the costs associated with travel and other luxuries to maintain that preferred lifestyle.  At McIlrath & Eck. we can help you do just that!

We encourage our clients to bring the following information for their initial consultation:

  • Net worth statement  (if available.  If not we can help you write one)


  • Previous two years of federal tax returns


  • Copies of most recent brokerage and bank statements


  • Employee benefit statements (insurance, pension and profit sharing, stock options)


  • Social Security statements


  • Copies of wills and powers of attorney


  • Copies of insurance policies


  • List of liabilities with interest rates and balances


  • Copies of divorce decrees and child support records


Fee Schedule for Financial Planning
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