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What We Do

At McIlrath | Eck, our goal is to help make your financial life as predictable and simple as possible. Therefore, we are committed to addressing every facet of your financial picture so you can approach your retirement with confidence and optimism. To accomplish this, our team offers an extensive variety of retirement planning, investment management and legacy planning services. We keep all aspects of our services in-house and we are more than happy to consult with your other relevant planning professionals, such as estate attorneys and insurance specialists.

Retirement Planning


Whatever your situation in life, we will help you create a plan to provide you with the most comfortable and reliable strategy possible for you to retire when and how you want. We ensure that all the moving parts of your financial picture are working together during our process. This process highlights how you are able to meet your goals and the important concepts surrounding this ability, such as tax strategies, debt management and planning for many of the pitfalls that could derail your strategy. After we create your retirement plan together, you will be confident in what to do and how to go about doing it.

Investment Management

We offer a wide range of ways for us to help you manage your investments. Whether its figuring out how to best position your portfolio to meet your financial goals within your tolerance for risk, or managing your debt so that it can either be reduced or used efficiently, we will take a comprehensive look at your financial picture and recommend the strategy that allows you to sleep soundly at night. Throughout the investment management process, you are kept continually informed and your questions are always answered quickly and to your satisfaction!

Legacy Planning


As simply as we can, our team will explain to you how several estate planning strategies exist and work with you to determine which strategy best fits your unique needs.  Estate planning strategies can vary based on estate value, types of assets, and whether the estate will pass through probate or be protected by a trust. If you would prefer to avoid unnecessary taxation, want to protect loved ones in case of your untimely demise, or desire any number of legacy planning benefits, it would be our pleasure to work with you on realizing these goals. 


Retirees are living longer during their retirement phase and are confronted with the dual challenge of preserving finances while creating sufficient income for the rest of their non-working years. A financial plan offers the opportunity to determine the income needed at retirement as well as the amount of assets needed to generate the required level of income. It is a living document that is flexible enough to evolve as your life changes and allows you to answer three very important questions:

–   What are my priorities and objectives for retirement?

–    Can I realistically achieve my financial goals and enjoy the life I want in my later years?

–    Am I overlooking anything important?

At McIlrath | Eck, we empower you to safely navigate today’s retirement and legacy planning environments with confidence. Let us be your partner in paving your path toward a rewarding retirement that you can look forward to!







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