Our Fees

As your fiduciary, we are committed to making you a confident and informed investor. Part of that role is education and transparency in how we operate. This begins with Fee transparency. As fee-only advisors, we are not incentivized to advise you to use “our” products or invest in ways that offer some other financial professionals in the industry the highest commissions. Our belief is that we are not successful unless you succeed. Our role as your fiduciary is also a legally enforceable relationship. Clearly, we take our client-centricity very seriously and will always be as clear and transparent with you as possible, especially regarding our fee structure.

Our Fee Schedule

The schedule for the various services we offer, subject to the agreement provided at the point of engagement, is as follows:

Initial Consultations

Initial Consultations are Complimentary if referred or if you take a class: See Education to find an upcoming class near you

$275 per hour with no referral

Financial Plan (FP Meetings 1 and 2)

$1,275.00 – Financial Plan with one free annual renewal/update. Savings of $275.00

Financial Plan Updates
Unless you have at least $50,000 in assets under our management. Then the update is complimentary (no charge)

Investment Management
Based on a percentage of assets under management.
Extremely competitive versus industry peers

Legacy Plan
Couples’ Wills – $700.00 ($350.00/spouse)

Individual Will – $450.00

Living Trust – $1,500.00

Hourly Consultations

$275 per hour







Phone: 360-657-8600
Toll-free: 888-248-5077
Fax: 360-657-1819




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