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A Higher Standard of Care

McIlrath|Eck works with you in a FIDUCIARY capacity. As your fiduciary, we put your interests first and assume the legal obligation this creates. We do not receive compensation or fees from other parties for referrals. We hold ourselves responsible for how the accounts we manage for you perform and we work to be transparent and straightforward about the costs of asset management and your planning process. (Our Fees). We take pride in our role as the stewards of your assets and objectives. Our success is only measured by your ability to succeed and the level of confidence you have in your financial future.



Investors are taking a hard look at the people managing their money. Elliot S. Weissbluth, the CEO of HighTower, has been a visionary on this issue for over a decade. In this whiteboard video, Elliot cleverly explains the difference between brokers and fiduciaries and sheds light on the main issues surrounding these denominations.

Your Interests Come First

We believe that each client should have an investment portfolio designed to meet their personal needs and goals. At the same time, it works to optimize the risk-reward ratio and minimize associated costs. The result is a customized, personal, financial plan. It is our priority to understand you and your situation. Our expert financial advisors set out to learn about your full financial picture and become knowledgeable about your lifestyle choices and goals. In doing this, we consider how your beliefs and attitudes impact the decisions you make about money so we can make recommendations that are designed specifically for you to succeed.

Well Informed Guidance

Thor, Sam and the rest of our team have solved numerous types of retirement and estate planning issues for people just like you. We offer comprehensive retirement and legacy planning services, all under one roof. Our financial planners take a collaborative approach to developing investment strategies that preserve your assets and increase your financial security for years to come. This means you will always have your questions answered promptly and you can count on us to ensure that you are continually informed on all aspects of your retirement plan.

If you want to protect, manage, and control your assets, our financial education classes will provide a solid basis for intelligent and purposeful decisions. We offer seminars for prospective clients or anyone interested in learning more about how to plan for the retirement of their dreams. We also offer employers the ability to have us to come to your workplace and put on a financial planning seminar for your employees.







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