Retirement Planning

What to Expect

While many firms attempt to be all things to all people, we have found that focusing our efforts on retirement planning allows us to more confidently develop individualized objectives that empower our clients to maintain their assets throughout retirement. Retirement should be the time you do things that you have always wanted to do. We strive to help all our clients have the ability to live comfortably and have flexibility in their retirement. You can never start planning for retirement too early, only too late.

The first meeting in the retirement planning process will be very detailed. We discuss how you have already started preparing for retirement, your insurance picture, sources of retirement income, real estate holdings, debt and tolerance for investment risk. Then we look at the goals you have during retirement, or just in general. Finally, we assess your ability to meet those goals and advise what changes, if any, it will take going forward in order to meet them.

After the plan has been formed, we will meet again shortly thereafter to discuss our specific investment recommendations for the accounts you may want us to manage, as well as the retirement accounts you have with your employer. These recommendations will be based on what we discussed in the first meeting and how your risk tolerance aligns with your goals.

The cost of forming a comprehensive plan will start at $975.

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What to Bring

To prepare for this meeting, we will need everything you brought to the Complimentary Consultation and anything else relating to your financial picture that was not covered initially. This includes:

  • Bank, Brokerage, and Annuity Statements
  • Retirement Plan Statements:
    • i.e. 401(k), 403(b), Pension Plan, etc.
  • Social Security Statements
    • Generate your own statement here. 
  • Financial Planning Agreement
    • See Forms & Docs Page
  • FinaMetrica Questionnaire for Each Person
    • See Forms & Docs Page

  • Recent Tax Returns
  • Declaration Pages of Insurance Policies:
    • i.e. Life, Long Term Care, Home and Auto
  • Debt Summary
    • Mortgage, Student Loans, etc.
  • Employer Life Insurance Policies

What Comes Next


Now, you start implementing the action items we agreed will help you meet your goals. Having a strategy is worthless if you are not following it and merely creating and beginning a long-term plan is not enough. Life, just like the future of the financial markets, is fraught with uncertainty. Laws and policies change, investment performance varies, and even your goals get readjusted over time. This creates a need to update your plan on a regular basis to make sure you are still on track and that the original plan still fits the retirement you desire. Depending on what makes sense, we will periodically get together to update the plan with anything substantial that may have changed for you.

Finally, if you request it, or if we find you have a need for it, you can schedule an appointment to solidify your Legacy Plan. Being informed about how you can continue to provide for the ones you love offers a peace of mind that cannot be overvalued. Should this be of interest to you, it is a separate meeting with our experienced attorney, Sam Eck. 







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